How to Dress Up As Every Version of Jane Villanueva This Halloween

This Halloween, it's time to tap into one of your favorite on-screen characters, Jane Villanueva from Jane the VirginThough we may not all look quite like Gina Rodriguez, a few simple outfits and accessories will help you be just about every version of Jane.

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1. Jane the Virgin Halloween Costumes: Pregnant Jane

An obvious Jane choice? Pregnant. Strap on a baby bump and be sure to have that same "How did I get pregnant?" expression on your face the whole night.

Where to Buy:, $16.25

2. Jane the Virgin Halloween Costumes: Young Jane

If you're trying to channel little Jane, played by Jenna Ortega, you'll need two things: a cutesy dress, and a white flower for that classic opening scene. (Bonus points if you have a little sis to dress up as little Jane alongside your older version!)

Where to Buy: Old Navy, $25.00

3. Jane the Virgin Halloween Costumes: Teacher Jane

Don't just be a teacher for Halloween! Be Jane,  the superstar teacher with the cutest wardrobe.

Where to Buy:, $82.85

4. Jane the Virgin Halloween Costumes: Working Jane

Jane's classic and adorable hotel uniform was a hit, and with good reason. Be sure to dress up a bright and colorful sundress with a big necklace, just like Jane.

Where to Buy: Blue Inc., $15.00

5. Jane the Virgin Halloween Costumes: Virgin Mary Jane

Who was Jane without her Virgin status? Take a fun play on the idea by wearing a full Virgin Mary costume, with Baby Mateo included.

Where to Buy: Costume Craze, $22.75