Keepin' It In the Family: Lauren Velez Wore Sister Maria's Jewelry on Last Night's 'Dexter'

On last night's season finale of Dexter, Lauren Velez wears some extra special pieces of jewelry -- ones designed by her very own sister! Maria Kaim of GiaDane Designs, who has been designing jewelry for the past two years, provided some fashion assistance to Lauren's character, Maria LaGuerta.

"She had asked me a few times to design something for her to wear on the show, and finally she called me up and said 'I need you to design a piece for the finale,'" said Maria. 

While Maria designed a set of earrings that Lauren wore during the finale (green teardrops wtih a faint tint of yellow), the three-strand beaded necklace stole the show. It's a copper chain with green and gold crystals. So pretty!

You can find more designs on her site, which is still in progress,

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