EXCLUSIVE: MANA Reveals Why They Decided to Come Out With a Clothing Line

EXCLUSIVE: MANA Reveals Why They Decided to Come Out With a Clothing Line
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Maná is getting into the clothing business and you better get your wallets ready. We spoke to the band about their new clothing line, Ritos del Sol and the why they decided to have a portion of the proceeds go to their foundation Selva Negra. Check out what they had to say below:

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Where did the name Ritos Del Sol come from?

Alex Gonzalez: Ritos Del Sol came from many names that we had on the list. We wanted something that sounded very Latin and Mexican and at the same time would have a lot of character and power. After seeing all these different names, we, the band, discussed it and all four of us agreed that Ritos Del Sol was the name to go. We love it, which is rituals of the sun.

Where did the inspiration come from for all the line?

Alex: The prints and everything basically came from Mexico. We have prints that are animal prints to represent the turtle, or the jaguar or the Falcon. Other prints we have represent the moon and the sun. Some of our Other prints that are very related to Mexico correlate with our celebration of the Day of the Dead. We have skulls and skulls are a part of our culture. We have another pattern that has to do with the rainforest of Mexico. These four different patterns show different things of Mexico. We have four different patterns that people can choose whatever they want. You want to live on the dark side? We have the skulls. You want a little bit more things that have to do with the universe? We have the sun and the moon. Animals, the forest, the jungle. It’s a little bit of everything.

Why do you think it was important for you guys to incorporate all the different aspects of Mexico into the clothing?

Fher Olvera: It’s more than a feeling that we got because it comes from the Aztecs and the fact that in some points of view the sun is God. We are environmentalist people; we have in our foundation Salva Negra.  We tried to be all this in our clothes. We tried to expand our mentality on how we can see the universe and planet through the clothes we were trying to design. It’s a line that you can jump in the stage with them or wear every day. We have a lot of designs, more on the rock side and day to day basis.

How did you collaborate together and decide on each of the items in the line?

Alex: One of the things we wanted to make sure was that the factory where they made them had very good work ethics with their employees, that the materials they were using were environmentally friendly, from the dyes to the process and to how much water were they using or wasting. Once we saw that was cool, we said ‘okay’ and sat down with three very talented designers, one of them a very well-known woman in Mexico. They asked ‘what do we like? What would we like to see?’ A lot of people, artists and musicians have released clothing lines, some of them have done well and others totally tanked. We wanted to do something that first of all was representative of us and had the credibility not just a band representing a clothing line and making a percentage. So, we were hands on, 100 percent in this. They would send us stuff once they got to really know us individually. It’s like with everything, we’ve been together for more than 30 years and we can agree to disagree. At the same time, there’s more things we have in common. It was easy to start at least with this first line. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but we’re really happy with the results.

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