7 Genius Style Tips for Dressing a Curvy Booty

7 Genius Style Tips for Dressing a Curvy Booty

Having a curvy booty doesn't always feel like a blessing, especially when it comes to picking out an outfit. Thankfully, designer Marco Marco has got your back. The man is a booty-dressing expert — after all, he has accentuated Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, and J.LO's best assets. Now, you too can put your curvy booty in Marco Marco's hands — figuratively speaking, that is. Follow these 7 tips the next time you're getting ready for a booty that is dressed to impress!

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1. Add a Peplum!

A peplum is a great way to accentuate a small waist and soften the transition into that healthy booty. There are tons of jackets and tops that are fitted to the waist and flare out in a peplum.

2. Flared or Pleated Skirt

A great way to dress the booty is with a flared or pleated skirt! We used this to make Iggy’s waist feel even tinier than it already is by adding flirty volume to the lower half of the body. A crinoline underneath is fun, but not necessary and really exaggerates the proportions in a playful way.

3. Wide Fitted Waist Band

A wide fitted waist band adds length to the center of the body and can help bring separation between the butt and the chest.

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4. High Cut Front & Full Bottom

Also, when wearing a leotard, a high cut front adds length to the leg, while a full bottom can help keep everything where you want it. If you’re feeling brave on the beach, go with a high cut that doesn’t interrupt of the line of your Cake, Cake, Cake, Cakes!

5. Heels

Heels make a big difference in the way you hold your body. They make you flex your legs and bum and make you stand more upright. Sometimes all you need is a little lift!

6. Balance The Booty

Bringing attention to the top half of your body can help balance your proportions out. Try a cropped jacket, a fitted top with a voluminous neckline or printed top that you can pair with a dark, solid bottom.

7. Find a good tailor

Let’s be honest. Most great pieces out there aren’t designed with your backside in mind. And sometimes, you’re looking at the perfect piece, but it’s loose in the waist or tight on the buns. The one thing all of these stars have in common is that everything they wear is perfectly tailored to their bodies! Stop sweating it and get a good tailor! The alterations you need to make this garment your new fall favorite are usually minimal and inexpensive. Custom tailoring is ALWAYS gonna make you feel like a star!