Model Joan Smalls Reveals Her Summer Must-Haves & Shopping Tips

Model Joan Smalls is surrounded by clothing every day (obviously). Thankfully for us, she's decided to impart her fashion wisdom so that we can all look a bit more put together. Read about her summer must-haves and shopping tips below!

What's your favorite season in terms of fashion?

"Spring/Summer, because it reminds me of Puerto Rico. The cold is not my friend. I love the warmth and the heat of summer. For the most part, we always experience the same weather in Puerto Rico, so it brings me back home and gives me that comfort. You go out and do more things, because it’s not cold outside."

Is there anything in particular you look forward to wearing this summer?

"Sandals! My favourite right now are a pair of leopard flat sandals by Givenchy. I wore them this past summer and I can’t wait to bring them back."

Are you more of a summer dresses kind of girl? Maxi dresses?

"I love my shorts!" 

What's your best shopping advice for those who want to look polished?

"To buy timeless pieces, because it doesn’t matter the season, it’s still going to look good. You can mix and match and make it look good, time and time again. For accessories like bags, go for black if you’re unsure. Or go with a safe bet, which would be a dark color or tan, that you know you can wear with any one of your wardrobe pieces."

What are some timeless pieces for you? Can you name three key pieces to invest in?

"I would invest in a black Chanel purse, and a good leather jacket to wear in the fall or even winter. It’s a good pairing even with a summer dress, or pants, if you want to take it in a different direction. Beauty-wise, it’s good to highlight your face and contour your check bones, your brow bones, highlight the bridge of your nose lightly, to give a more polished look to whatever you’re wearing."

What’s a fashion don’t for you?

"When girls wear inappropriate undergarments and you can see the lines! But I think anything goes in fashion."

What's your favorite summer fashion tip? Share in the comments