Style Expert & Fashion Designer Adriana Castro Talks Dressing Celebrities, Fragrance & More!

Adriana Castro

Colombiana Designer Adriana Castro's exotic skin handbags have been seen on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashians, Shakira and Eva Longoria. But she's becoming a style star in her own right, launching, where she offers expert advice to women to creat and look fabulous. So it's no wonder Caress Body Wash has chosen her as a new Fabulista, joining the likes of Kelly Rowland to help spread her love of the product and of style.

We caught up with the designer to talk dressing celebrities, growing up in Colombia and more! Read it all below:

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got interested in fashion?

I was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. My mother tells me that since I was little, I was always amazed by the accessories women were carrying. My eyes always went to the bag, then the shoes…she says. She also tells me that my style has been very distinctive, effortless classy…think stripes, polka dots, color blocks. It seems these trends have invaded my wardrobe since I was a child. Always being a big fan of ever-so-chic Jackie O!

I entered adulthood knowing that my passion was to design accessories. At that critical point I wisely decided to learn as much as possible about running a business, so I decided to go to school for Economics. I attended Purdue University and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, before I began Fashion Accessory Design classes at Miami International University of Art & Design. Then, I worked for Sony briefly, but I was overwhelmed by the monotony of the corporate world. So at age 24, I decided to pursue my true ambition: I launched my first Handbag Collection. This has been quite an exciting journey, and I am enjoying every day to the fullest doing what I love most. I'm a firm believer in the idea that “each day is a page in your fashion story!”

What's the biggest fashion inspiration in your life right now?

Really, I get inspiration from all over but most of my inspiration comes from my travels (I am a traveler at heart), architecture, art and of course leathers and the look/feel/color/finish. I can envision handbags just thinking of how the skins will drape and how the different textures will blend together. Also, color is one of my greatest inspirations right now. I am in love with color these days. Color is so powerful. Love being surrounded by an amazing, vibrant palette…from tropical landscapes to unique architecture, you name it, all this makes me constantly think of new ideas.

What's your favorite trend for spring and summer?

No matter the season, staples are really important to have in your wardrobe! My favorite trend for spring and summer: bold accessories! It totally dresses up a “normal” outfit. [Get the look: Mini Carriel Crossbody Bag]

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