Oscar de la Renta Named Tourism Ambassador of Mexico City

Last week, famed and talented designer Oscar de la Renta was named Mexico City’s Tourism Ambassador by the Minister of Tourism, Alejandro Rojas Diaz Duran.

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The minister explained how the Dominican designer was “one of the fashion titans” and with so many fashionable designer boutiques filling up the streets of Mexico City today, it’s no surprise that Mr. De La Renta is the perfect person to represent this city.

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The well-respected designer expressed his happiness to be named the tourism ambassador and recounted many great memories he had in D.F. and how at the beginning of his career, everyone thought he was Italian because of his last name.

“I am proud to be Dominican and be Latino and I consider all of my accomplished triumphs in my life to be a product of all Latinos,” said De La Renta proudly.