Christian Louboutin's Nude Shoe Now Comes in Every Skin Tone Color!

Christian Louboutin's Nude Shoe Now Comes in Every Skin Tone Color!
Kat Irlin Photography

Who said there should only be one shade of nude?

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In 2013, the infamous shoe designer Christian Louboutin released a collection that included different shades of nude pumps ranging from pale to the darkest shade.

The idea behind the collection was to give women a variety of nude-colored heels to choose from that would closely match their skin tone. The “nude heel” is intended to create the illusion of longer legs. However, the effect doesn’t work when the pumps are a different shade of nude than your skin color.

As Louboutin describes on his website, "The shoes disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of the woman’s legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette."

The 51-year-old designer is still trying to match as many different skin tones and has unveiled an extension of the collection. The designer is now offering more shades of his classic shoe, ranging from light to dark. Louboutin hopes to continue extending his collection to cater to every women. “There are two colors that I’m missing the range of in the middle," he said. "In the next year, we will be at seven total skin tones."

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The designer has a free app available on iTunes called "Louboutin Shades" that allows you to take a picture of your foot, which then matches you to one of his pumps.