Fashion Designer AZ Araujo on His New Swimwear Line & Loving Miami

Talk about sexy swimwear! We caught up with the Brazilian swimwear designer A.Z. Araujo backstage after his debut showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami, where he wowed the crowd with his colorful new line of bathing suits hot off the beaches of Brazil! A.Z. chatted about his love of Miami, Versace, and his new swim line.

What’s the inspiration for this collection?

“This collection, first of all, is liberty. It’s freedom. It’s something totally different than I have done, because in the past I have done lots of whites and beiges, lots of neutral colors and black. This collection is for the jet-setting woman. She is in Brazil, she’s in St. Tropez, she is everywhere! There are Swarovski embellishments, so she doesn’t need a lot of jewelry, the jewelry is right there.”

How do you like Miami?

“When I come to Miami, it’s so funny, because when I walk onto the streets, I feel like I’m going to find my momma’s house on the end of this corner. I feel at home. This is home. I lived in New York for almost twelve years, but I definitely, definitely, definitely want a place here. I want to come to Miami. New York gets me really stressed out, it’s amazing but it’s a lot of work.”

How does it make you feel when you see your suit on the beach?

“It’s very emotional. I look and I say ‘wow’ this is weird. It’s a blessing.” 

How do you deal with being in the USA, so far away from your family in Brazil?

“I have amazing people with me. The people in the Latino community they really embrace you.   I guess that’s why I have so many people who support me and friends who saw the show. I’m an immigrant, I’ve been living here for twelve years and it’s a blessing. It’s really emotional.  I don’t feel by myself in this country. (Yes) my family is living in Brazil, and I live here, (but) I have so many people (and friends) here. I feel so happy sometimes I want to scream so loud!“

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