Latina Mom Caught Spray Painting Soles of Heels Red and We Can't Blame Her

There's a reason why Cardi B rapped about red bottoms on her hit single "Bodak Yellow." Like the Bronx beauty, every woman fantasizes of one day slipping her foot into a pair of Christian Louboutin to have that Cinderella and glass slipper moment. 

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But despite so many of us wanting the coveted red-soled pumps, the truth is we can't all afford it. Ranging anywhere from $600 to $300,000, Louboutins are definitely not budget friendly, leaving us with the next best thing—creating our own. I mean if the iconic shoe designer created the first pair of red-soled pumps using his assistant's nail polish, why can't we?

That's exactly what one Latina mom was caught doing on camera when her son filmed her with a can of red spray paint and some shoes. While laughing hysterically, the son accuses his mother of being a "falsa" for painting her shoes to mimic Louboutins. Of course, the mom didn't seem to care as she continued to spray the soles of her black pumps.

“Do you really think those women who are shopping in the Downtown LA district are wearing real brands,” hilariously schools her son, as translated by MiTu.  “Those women that wear Louis Vuitton and Gucci, you actually think that is real? I can do it too.”

Watch the hilarious video below!