Dream Emmy Dresses for our Latina Celebrities

The Emmys are coming up, and we are DYING to see what everyone will be wearing on the red carpet—especially our Latina celebs! But until the pre-show coverage starts, we decided to pick some dream gowns for some of our fave stars. Check out our selections and then tune in on Sunday night to see if our predictions come true!

1. Dream Emmy Dresses (Sophia)

Sophia Vergara

With her hourglass body, it’s easy for Sofia to highlight her curves without showing too much skin. We’d love to see Vergara in a dress that has some movement and draping, but doesn’t have too much fabric to add more volume to her frame.


2. Dream Emmy Dresses (Eva)

Eva Longoria

We’d like to see the Desperate Housewife star in a clean and simple, straight-line gown for a change. She could always add a little bling to accentuate her sparkling personality.

3. Dream Emmy Dresses (Aubrey)

Aubrey Plaza

We’d like to see Aubrey Plaza play up her fun young side by sporting an avant-garde in-your-face in a bold color or silhouette.