Meet Maria Gimena, the Uruguayan-born Model Who's Serving as the New Face of Torrid

Meet Maria Gimena, the Uruguayan-born Model Who's Serving as the New Face of Torrid

Maria Gimena is a 24-year-old Uruguayan-born model that is about to embrak on the journey of a lifetime thanks to Torrid. Gimena was announced as the 2017 Face of Torrid after winning its second annual national model search. Maria will receive a modeling contract, Torrid wardrobe, host store openings, events as a brand ambassador, star in seasonal fashion campaigns and appear on the brand’s social media channels.

We spoke to the curve model all about how she got started and what she wants girls who want to follow in her footsteps to do. Check out what she had to say in the interview below:

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Talk to us about growing up. Were you always curvy or was it something that happened over time?

When I was little I remember for the pictures, I was average and thin. I was very active as a young child. My parents had me in swimming lessons and different activities. I remember I was a bit taller and a bit curvier than the other girls. I guess I developed earlier on but I never paid attention to it because I was mainly focused on the activities that I was in. It wasn't until I got to the United States at 12-years-old and started getting into boys when I though ‘hmm, body does matter.’ It was this one kid who said that I had a really pretty face but my body didn't match it. I was like ‘what do you mean my body doesn't match my face. Why does that even matter? What about what I have inside? What about the fact that I'm smart? What about that I make you laugh? What about all of that? Does that even matter?’ I didn't think of it as a big deal. I think that it has to do with the way I was raised. I think that people are more important for how they are inside and how they carry themselves more than what they look?

How did you get into modeling?

The Torrid model search was my first modeling experience. Growing up I was always fashion obsessed, I always liked to watch different shows that would talk about modeling. TV and media also plays a big role in the exposure you have of what fashion is or what's considered fashionable. I was always attracted to it but I never thought I would be a face of a company nonetheless a model for them.

What are you hoping comes out of this whole thing?

I hope that with Torrid’s help, I can inspire other people to work hard for their dreams and follow their heart with confidence. I'm a strong believer that beauty and confidence comes from within. I hope I can share that with people. It's more than just the body and that we have something inside of us that can push us forward and achieve all our dreams and use that fire and energy inside for that.

What was the process like? 

It all started in a casting. My friend Monica pushed me to try out. I went to the one in Palisades Mall. It was very empowering because you're surrounded by all these beautiful women who are there to really just push themselves and put themselves out there in an event like this. It was a little intimidating, at first. I felt like I wasn't in the right place. As you get closer and closer to the main event you realized that all these girls have the same concept and same thought at the end of the day, which is to embrace themselves. That made it so comfortable and feel empowered. We did a fashion show and photo shoot. Then Torrid picked the top 4 and did online voting. The public chose the winner and it happened to be me. I'm beyond excited and thankful for everything so far.

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