EXCLUSIVE: Jordana Brewster’s Gift Ideas Are Things We All Need in Life

Actress Jordana Brewster may be in Hollywood, but her gift guide for the holidays is far from the lavish celebrity pieces you would expect. The Brazilian beauty gave us a list of some of her fave gifting pieces that keeps the everyday essentials in mind and make you wonder why you didn't have this in the first place! If we could only be so lucky to be Jordana's friend!

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1. Face Towelettes

"The POND’S Moisture Clean Towelettes are a great stocking stuffer and are perfect for moms on the go. You can clean your face quickly and the ones with Cold Cream Technology are extra moisturizing.”

Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes Original Fresh, $5, target.com

2. Cell Phone Case

"This is super super cute and guarantees you won’t ever lose your cell phone! I love the studs on the strap.”

JENNY Gold X for iPhone X, $98, bandolier.com


3. PJ's

“I love Roberta roller rabbit. I also love gifting items that you wouldn’t usually buy for yourself. These pajamas are super cute and festive!"

SNO GLOBAL PAJAMAS, $115, rollerrabbit.com


4. Everyday Tote

“This tote is versatile and fits so much and goes with everything! You can also personalize it by monogramming which adds a personal touch.”

The Medium Transport Tote, $158, madewell.com

5. Smart Watch

“This Tory Burch smartwatch is a genius because it tracks your sleep and steps AND it’s super cute!”