12 Movie Character-Inspired Costumes

Not sure what to dress up as this Halloween? Take a cue from these 12 movie character-inspired costumes: 

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1. Mean Girls Costume

Mean Girls 

This is a classic costume for an ultra classic movie. Regina George's outfit in the movie is perfect for a quick costume, and you can even DIY and just cut some holes into your shirt. 

Regina George, $49.99, halloweencostumes.com

2. Clueless Dionne Costume


Dionne from Clueless is a character that we all love so why not dress like her for Halloween. 

Dionne, $51.99, ebay.com.

3. Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad

This movie has quickly become a classic! Harley Quinn is a standout character, and dressing up as her will probably make for one fun-filled night. 

Harley Quinn$43.99, costumesupercenter.com

4. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus 

Who doesn't love this cult classic? That's why it's perfect to dress up as one of the sisters for Halloween. Get ready to put a spell on whoever you want on all Hallows Eve. 

The Sanderson Sisters, $25.82, yandy.com

5. Ghostbusters


The remake of the movie was one that was all about empowering women, so why not channel your inner ghost chaser for Halloween?

Ghostbuster, $49.99, partycity.com

6. Harry Potter

Harry Potter

If you are anything like us, you've watched Harry Potter a million times! Let your inner nerd fly with this fabulous costume. 

Harry Potter, $39.99, buycostumes.com

7. Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods was a girl after our own hearts. This costume is perfect to show off your love for all things pink.

Elle Woods, $23.00, walmart.com

8. Finding Dory Costume

Finding Dory

This movie stole our hearts and was the perfect sequel to Finding Nemo. Just keep swimming all the way until you get this costume. 

Dory, $66.99, halloweenexpress.com

9. Star Wars

Star Wars

This film is back with a vengeance so this Halloween prepare yourselves to see costumes from all of the characters in the film. 

Adult Death Tropper, $54.99, partycity.com

10. Star Trek

Star Trek 

Zoe Saldana in this film was one badass character that we all wish we could be like 24/7. Show off your inner Uhura this Halloween. Uhura, $35.99, target.com

11. Alice in Wonderland Costume

Alice in Wonderland 

Let out your inner child by channeling Alice.

Alice in Wonderland, $59.99, spirithalloween.com

12. Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman

Put that fierceness into full effect with this Wonder Woman outfit!

Wonder Woman, $39.98, orientaltrading.com