10 Sexy (and Affordable!) Plus-Size Halloween Costumes

Halloween is for everyone — including plus-size chicas! Need some help finding a costume that hugs your body in all the right places? We've compiled 10 sexy and affordable costumes for women with curves: 

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1. Plus Size Halloween: 1

Channel your inner villain in this nightmarishly-sexy Freddy Krueger dress. And, yes, the fedora is included.

Miss Freddy Kruger Plus Size Costume, $59.99, SpiritHalloween.com

2. Plus Size Halloween: 2

This Jason VoorHees t-shirt dress will show off your amazing calves! All you need to complete the Friday The 13th look is a ski-mask.

Friday The 13th Miss VoorHees Plus Size Costume, $59.99, SpiritHalloween.com

3. Plus Size Halloween: 3

Who doesn’t love a little leather corset? Release your inner Wonder Woman with this outrageously sexy two-piece.

Plus Size Sexy Powerful Woman Corset Costume, $88.95, Yandy.com

4. Plus Size Halloween: 4

Don’t be afraid to show off a little cleavage, ladies. Everyone will know this isn’t your first Halloween rodeo when they see way this cowgirl costume hugs your curves!

Plus Size Deluxe Country Cowgirl Costume, $167.95, Yandy.com

5. Plus Size Halloween: 5

We guarantee you’ll have other people green with envy when they see you in this ultra flattering Poison Ivy costume.

Plus Size Ivy Vixen Costume, $118.95, Yandy.com

6. Plus Size Halloween: 6

You can never go wrong with this classic naughty school girl costume. Just make sure you don’t piss off the headmaster!

Adult School Girl Body Shaper Plus Size Costume, $79.99, PartyCity.com

7. Plus Size Halloween: 7

Nothing says Halloween like a blood-snatching nurse costume! Everyone will want to play doctor when you enter the room.

Adult Nurse Body Shaper Costume Plus Size, $79.99, PartyCity.com

8. Plus Size Halloween: 8

Show 'em who's boss with this oh-so flattering commander costume! Highly recommended for the Diva of all Divas.

Adult Commander Cutie Army Costume Plus Size, $54.99, PartyCity.com

9. Plus Size Halloween: 9

Channel your inner Snow White with this stunning multi-piece set. You’ll look so gorgeous in this costume, you won't have to fish for compliments in front of the "Mirror Mirror." 

Short Satin Skirt, $24.99, HipsAndCurves.com

Bronwyn Steel Boned Corset, $149.95, HipsAndCurves.com

Ruffled Two Layer Petticoat, $29.95, HipsAndCurves.com

Red Satin Sleeves With Bow, $24.95, HipsAndCurves.com

10. Plus Size Halloween: 10

It’s all about corset and lace with this sexy get-up. Red Riding Hood never looked so good! Don’t worry, we got your back (literally!), because the cape is included. 

Ophelia Underbust Leather Corset, $179.95, HipsAndCurves.com

Soft Cotton Bell Sleeve Dress, $89.95, HipsAndCurves.com

Stretch Velvet Long Cape With Wide Ribbon, $59.95, HipsAndCurves.com

Steampunk Fingerless Fishnet Gloves, $9.95, HipsAndCurves.com

Leather Straps, $29.95, HipsAndCurves.com