This Sweatshirt Raises Money for Sexual Harassment Victims

Back in October, Harvey Weinstein, one of Hollywood's biggest film producers was accused of sexual misconduct towards several women.

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In the wake of the allegations, the #MeToo movement was used to spread awareness of the gravity of sexual assault. Since Weinstein, other stars such as Kevin Spacey and Matt Lauer have faced accusation themselves.

Meg Shops, a New York-based clothing brand, is now highlighting Hollywood's sexual predators for a good cause. The female-run line created a tour-inspired sweatshirt that lists fourteen high profile men who have been accused of sexual advances, alongside the date these allegations came to light.  The sweatshirt, which has proceeds benefitting organizations that strive to prevent sexual violence, has the words “Another One Bites The Dust,” and “Knockin ’Em Down Tour,” printed on. 

However, one of the names listed immediately stands out. President Donald Trump has been publically accused of groping and other sexual misconduct since the 2016 presidential elections. But unlike the other listed men, the former businessman has not faced any consequences for his action, hence the TBD beside his name. 

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The sweatshirt is priced at $59 and there’s a t-shirt version for $49. $10 from the sale of every sweatshirt or tee sold goes to the New York Alliance Against Sexual Assault and Women's Support Network of York Region.