The Best Shapewear for Every Situation

Shapewear has come mainstream, but as Latinas, we know a little cinching and shaping makes any gament look better. (Hello, fajas!) These magic wonders will help anything you wear look amazingly sleek.

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1. Enhance Derriere

Just because you weren’t born with the Kim K. and J. Lo booty, doesn’t mean you can’t temporarily look like you were with this padded slimmer.

Slimplicity® Booty-Booster Short, $68,

2. Minimize Derriere

For some dresses, a more streamlined silhouette works best, so achieve that look with sheer — yet slimming — tights.


3. Flat Tummy

These uber slimming tanks are popular because they can work under an outfit or as part of your outfit — and they don't roll up to expose your tummy.

Pearl Yummie Tummie 3-Panel Tank, $48,

4. Smaller Waist

Finally! Our faja theory has hit mainstream and actually comes in a cute colors and style.

Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery 2026, $55,

5. Lift Derriere

Give your junk in the trunk a little lift with this helpful addition to your wardrobe.


6. Minimize Chest

If you want to look like you went down a size in a bra, skip the sports bra that just gives you a uni-boob. Go for an actual bra minimizer that specializes in looking less busty.

C Magnifique Minimizer Bra, $68,

7. Lift Chest

A little pick me up, if you will.

Fashion Forms Silicone Lifts, $18,

8. Enhance Chest

Give your shape some um, shape — and smoothness.

MISS OOPS Chicken Cutlets, $24,

9. Slim legs

Black opaque tights paired with a matching black pump will slim your legs. In other words? It's time to break out that mini skirt.

Hanes Silk Reflections Blackout Boot Liner Tight, $15,

10. All Around Smooth Silhouette

Do away with the bulges and dimples with shapewear that will make your curves look flawless.


11. Minimizes Back Fat

This bra is a tank from behind, that smooths everything down.

Unbelievabra Silkee short minimizer, $79, and