Swiper No Swiping: WATCH This Dog Steal An Empanada During Interview!

Do you ever just have these intense moments of self-reflection where you’re like, “if I was a dog, what would my everyday life be like?” Anyone? Regardless of what the answer is, we’ve saved you the hassle of having to figure it out all.

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In Andacollo, Chile, a reporter was conducting an interview with a baker about her work and food she made, when the one-on-one took a surprising turn with an uninvited guest. Distracted by the questions, the baker and everyone else somehow let a hungry hound steal the show!

The Dog was swiftly able to get his paws on one of the tasty empanadas being showcased, and it wasn’t until after the video had been shared that people noticed the stealthy mission. On Facebook, people in the comments section wrote, “He’s like a ninja!” and, “He’s like Rocky, I can’t stop watching- i’m dying.”

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Say hello to your new spirit animal! No, literally. In case you were wondering, this fearless dog is probably what you’d be like in the doggy world if you’re a big foodie. You’re welcome.

Watch the video below: