The Future Is Here! Domino's Is Testing Self-Driving Delivery Cars

Popular pizza chain Domino's recently partnered with Ford to conduct its second round of testing self-driving delivery vehicles! This round focuses on how customers in urban areas react with AI delivery methods. 

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The first round of testing took place in Ann Arbor, Michigan and customers provided positive feedback. Kevin Vasconi, executive vice president and chief information officer of Domino's said, "Our testing is focused on the last 50 feet of the customer experience, between the front door and the car. While we work to refine that interaction, we also need to understand how operating this type of delivery in a more densely populated city will impact the customer experience and the specific delivery challenges it might present." 

The Miami-based, two-month test will focus on elements from the first round while adding the new element of testing in a larger, more urban area.



For the Miami testing, a Ford Fusion Hybrid vehicle will be manually driven but will look like a self-driving vehicle. The deliveries will cater to customers who have ordered online and agreed to the test. Participants will be able to track the vehicle using GPS and will receive text messages as the vehicle approaches. 

The texts will provide participants with instructions on how to unlock the Domino's Heatwave Compartment located inside the self-driving vehicle using a PIN code. The instructions will be offered in Spanish and the pin-pad will have Spanish-language usability. 

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According to a study done by Gartner, by 2020 85 percent of customer interactions will be managed without a human and Domino's seems to be on its way to having AI employees. The future is here.