Dunkin’ Donuts Is Getting a Valentine’s Day Makeover

When it comes to seasonal offerings, Dunkin’ Donuts rarely disappoints. I'm talking pumpkin, gingerbread, snickerdoodle… But, I digress. Now, just in time for Vday, the brand’s famous heart-shaped donuts are back, along with some new treats.

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Starting today, you can pick up their classic heart-shaped options: the Vanilla Truffle Donut, filled with vanilla butter crème, and topped with vanilla icing and semi-sweet chocolate curls, the Brownie Batter Crumble Donut, pumped with chocolate brownie batter, and topped with chocolate icing and crumbled brownies, and the Bavarian Crème filled, strawberry-frosted Cupid’s Choice complete with pink and white sprinkles.

There are also some newbies, available at select DD locations: chocolate-glazed Lovestruck Munchkins, covered in pink and white sprinkles and a strawberry-iced Lovestruck Donut, topped with chocolate drizzle with a Lovestruck Munchkin in the middle.

To keep that loving feeling going, the chain is turning classic flavors into hearts, because why not, and giving them some festive new names:

Boston Dream: The Boston Kreme gets a heart-shaped shell and red icing drizzle.

Pillow Talk: the holiday name for the Vanilla Crème.

Donut Be Jelly: A red heart with a red filling. Makes sense.

Roses are Red: The classic Vanilla Frosted Donut gets red icing topped with pink and white sprinkles.

Pretty in Pink: That’s what they’re calling the fan favorite Strawberry Frosted Donut.

Chocolate Double Date: The Double Chocolate Donut gets a white icing drizzle. 

Choc Full O' Love: The Chocolate Frosted gets a bit of extra love in the name of pink and white sprinkles.

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Brb, running out to buy a box or 10.