"Flanboyant Eats" with Bren Herrera

Buzzed about chef Bren Herrera grew up in a very Latin home—speaking mostly Spanish with her family. Born in Havana, Cuba, and raised in the suburbs of DC, Bren realized at an early age she wanted to entertain people and that she had a love and a natural talent for cooking. She started mirroring her mother in the kitchen when she was only 8, and her first job as a teen was waiting tables at a Latin restaurant in the Washington, DC area. She later helped run her parents' "cantina," a personal chef delivery business and subsequently a highly popular Cuban food street stand in Northern Virginia. 

Today, with 18 years of cooking experience, Bren appears often as a guest on TV shows to demo her coveted recipes and is the founder of the award-winning food blog Flanboyant Eats. She also works as a personal chef to notable clients in Atlanta and Washington, DC. And here at Latina.com we're thrilled to announce that Bren Herrera is bringing her culinary expertise to our readers as our new weekly food columnist! Each Tuesday in "Flanboyant Eats," Bren will share her favorite recipes, cooking tips, how-to advice and entertaining ideas with you.

Looking for a way to prepare a healthy meal for your family that infuses our Latin culture? Want to know how to recreate mami's family recipe in your own way? Want to know the top five ingredients every Latina worth her salt needs to have in her kitchen? "Flanboyant Eats" with Bren on Latina.com is the place where you'll find it!

Be sure to check back here tomorrow to see Bren's first post on great recipes for Cinco de Mayo!

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