Healthier Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream? Sign. Us. Up.


If you could easily down a pint of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting (Half Baked, amiright?), we've got some good news. The popular ice cream chain has launched a new "healthy" line of frozen goodness—called Moo-phoria—that weighs in at only 140-160 calories per serving. Despite the new formula, the flavors still over-flowing with delicious combinations that Ben & Jerry’s is known for.

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Light on calories, not on flavor! Introducing NEW Moo-phoria light ice cream.

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Chocolate Milk & Cookies, the pint for “everyone who dunked their chocolate chip cookies in chocolate milk as a kid," is a delightful mix of chocolate, vanilla, and cookies.

With a touch of salt, Caramel Cookie Fix offers a satisfying solution to those craving both savory and sweet. 

And P.B. dough is perf for peanut butter cookie fans with its combo of chocolate ice cream and chunks of chocolate chip peanut butter.

These new, healthier options are made with non-GMO sourced ingredients, a foundation of organic milk and cream, and no sugar substitutes or alcohol. And each has about 15 grams of sugar per serving and 60-70% less fat than traditional B&J flavors. 

While these flavors aren't quite as low cal as brands like Halo Top, we're still jazzed about the healthier options. And if they taste anywhere near as good as the traditional pints, we're in trouble (albeit a little less than usual).

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