Latinx Pushing To Give Conchas A National Day!

Conchas, also known as pan dulce, are popular beloved pastries from Mexico. So popular that there might be a national day for the sweet dish.

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Jessica Resendiz, designer and founder of Raggedy Tiff, Karla Jimenez, Owner and baker of Viva Los Cupcakes, and Alicia Becerra, owner of Alicias Delicias, are the masterminds behind the petition to make Concha Day an officially recognized holiday for December 8th.The movement has already amounted over 1,700 supporters out of the 2,500 signatures needed to present it to the governor of California, Jerry Brown.

According to, December 8th, also known as Dia de la Concepcion, would be the perfect day to celebrate "National Concha Day". In Mexican culture, the name Concepcion is often shortened to the nickname "Concha".

Conchas are much more than just a delicious pastry, it is part of the Mexican culture and tradition. It represents unity and happiness, and it's usually made for important festivities/holidays. One supporter who signed the petition said, “I'm Chicana and I support our culture and cultural awareness. I support the symbolism of the Concha to not only be glamorized but to raise awareness of what the Concha represents in our culture.”

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If you're interested in making National Concha Day happen, sign the petition here.


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