Selena Gomez’s Favorite Restaurant Will Surprise You


Selena Gomez is the most followed star on Instagram, has been nominated for multiple awards and has a net worth of around $50 million. But, despite the bevy of accomplishments that have led her to become one of the most in-demand celebrities, the singer prefers the casual life over Hollywood glamour.

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Katherine Langford, the star of producer Gomez’s hit show 13 Reasons Why interviewed the “Wolves” singer for the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar. In the story, Gomez revealed that on a typical Saturday night she’s all about a particular chain restaurant. “I’m into Chili’s,” she told the mag. “I love going to Chili’s and having queso and chips.” That’s right folks, Selena Gomez is just like us.

When asked what distinguishes her generation from the ones before, Gomez responded by saying “Mainly I think it’s the freedom to express ourselves and be who we are in an unapologetic way.” And what better way to express ourselves? Of course, with food!

Indeed, the “Bad Liar” singer expressed herself on National Donut Day last year by nibbling on a chocolate frosted and giggling with a friend for her 133 million followers on Instagram.


Happy national donut day. Love myself and @tmarie247

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Frequenting the family-friendly spot isn’t the only part of Gomez’s low-key style, the 25-year-old described her fashion sense as “Definitely casual. Even if I’m not working out, I look like I’m working out.” Thus we can all imagine the pop star walking into Chili’s in a pair of sweats on a Saturday night, like so many of us non-millionaires like to do.

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In fact, in 2012 Gomez went on a brunch date with beau Justin Bieber when the two were vacationing in Jupiter, Florida. The following year, Gomez and starlet Taylor Swift graced a Chili’s in Massachusetts. Then in 2016, Gomez said she and her famous BFF “love Chili’s. Taylor and I eat there all the time.”

Who knows? You might just catch a glimpse of the singer in the next booth. Be sure to snag a selfie.