Cocktail of the Week: Best Valentine’s and Anti Valentine's Day Drinks

Fall in love at first sip with these scandalous, yummy cocktails. Whether it’s chocolate that you crave or you’re just feeling a bit vengeful, here are the top Valentine’s Day cocktails for any occasion.


Top Valentine’s Day Cocktail: Agave Kiss

If you’re looking for a drink that screams “get on top,” why not serve a little cream to your sweetie? Agave Kiss is a heavenly, luxurious elixir that’s filled with white chocolate, ruby-hued raspberries, and Chambord, a French liqueur carefully blended with blackberries, vanilla, and honey. Agave Kiss is velvety and easy on the taste buds, plus tequila gives it that extra kick to keep your lover giggling and wanting some more.


2 oz. Tequila (We used Herradura Tequila Silver)

1 oz. White Crème de Cacao

1 oz. Double cream

1 oz. Chambord

White chocolate flakes



Add tequila, white crème de cacao, double cream, and Chambord in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake. Pour drink into a chilled cocktail glass and rimmed with white chocolate flakes. Add a spear of fresh raspberries.


Top Valentine’s Day Cocktail: Liquid Lust

Gents, while some girls would adore teddy bears on Valentine’s Day, others would prefer a memorable night out filled with drinks made for Cupid. Shake things up on the day of love with a sultry Liquid Lust, a drink that shows her how you really feel. Liquid Lust does require some time to create, but seeing your lady bite her lip after one taste will make all the work worth it. Aside from being made with a medley of fruits and white wine, it also includes ROSANGEL, tequila infused with hibiscus flowers that has a gorgeous pink hue from being aged in a Port Wine Barrel. Get lucky tonight!


½ bottle of ROSANGEL

½ bottle of White wine

½ cup of White sugar

1 oz. Orange juice

2 oz. Cranberry juice

2 Oranges (sliced)

1 Lemon (sliced)

1 Lime (sliced)

1 bunch of Grapes (sliced)

1 Apple (diced)

½ liter of Club Soda


Mix all ingredients and serve over ice.


Top Valentine’s Day Cocktail: Encanto

Get in the mood with a Latin love potion that’ll make your Valentine’s night enchanting. Spark some romance with a luscious tropical number that unites the bold, crisp nectar from ripe guavas and sparking rose champagne for a touch of class. Rather than just buying a bottle of bubbly, Encanto will show your partner that you’ve put plenty of effort into making that perfect drink just for him/her. Encanto comes from Don Coqui in New York, but if you’re unable to make reservations at this Puerto Rican restaurant, settle for the next best thing that’ll both salute your relationship and the island of enchantment.


1 oz. Guava nectar

½ oz. Simple syrup

¼ oz. Lime juice

7 oz. Rose Champagne



Pour the guava nectar, simple syrup, and lime juice into a champagne flute. Top with champagne and garnish with raspberries.


Top Valentine’s Day Cocktail: Hopeless Romantic

Ladies, if you’re going to spend Valentine’s Day cuddling up with your boy toy while you cry over films like The Notebook, at least look good! Hopeless Romantic is a fun and flirty treat made from French vodka infused with blood oranges, mango, and passion fruit. Have a few of these and feel feisty enough to recreate your favorite scenes. Who doesn’t get happy over a cocktail that has some champagne to lighten up the mood?


1.5 oz. X-Rated Fusion Liqueur

2 oz. Champagne or Prosecco

0. 25 oz. Lemon juice

0.25 oz. Orange juice

0.25 oz. Pineapple juice

1 Lemon twist


Muddle pineapple, orange, and lemon juices. Add champagne or processo and X-Rated Fusion Liqueur. Strain and serve in a highball glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.


Top Valentine’s Day Cocktail: Rouge Noir

Sultry, spicy, and sexy, it’s no wonder Rouge Noir can heat up any night! Made with Combier Rouge, this seductive elixir is light and fruity with hints of pepper, licorice, and black cherry for a smooth, lasting finish. The original composition for Rouge was first conceived in 1632 and it became so popular that it delighted the court of King Louis XIV. Celebrate the day of love with a drink that’s ideal for your king or queen.


1.5 oz. Combier Rouge

.5 oz Combier Orange Liqueur

4 oz. Champagne Brut

1 Orange zest


Pour Combier Rouge and Combier Orange Liqueur in a champagne flute. Top with champagne brut. Garnish with one orange zest.


Anti Valentine’s Day Cocktails


Top Anti-Valentine’s Day Cocktail: Valentine’s Day on the Rocks

It’s that time of the year again…the dreaded February 14th. Fear not, because you can still make a toast to being sexy and free on this holiday with a drink you can only cherish once a year. Valentine’s Day on the Rock features cherry vodka that’s subtle and sweet at first, but unleashes a boiling heat to quench your thirst. Now that’s why we love the so-called day of romance.


1 ½ oz. Cherry vodka (We used Three-O Cherry Vodka)

4 oz. Ginger ale

Splash of Grenadine

1 Cherry


Mix ingredients in a glass filled with ice and garnish with a cherry.


Top Anti-Valentine’s Day Cocktail: Cupid’s Broken Arrow

Single? No problem. Paint the town rojo on Valentine’s Day! Spend a sexy night out with the girls or guys and meet potential hookups ready to mingle. Make an unforgettable first impression by ordering a Cupid’s Broken Arrow, which pushes aside those overrated Cosmos for a new martini that’s looks as good as it tastes. With vodka infused with juicy mangoes, along with tart cranberry juice and Triple Sec for a touch of zest, who needs cupid to get lucky?


3 oz. Mango Vodka (We used Three-O Mango Vodka)

½ oz. Triple Sec

1 oz. Cranberry juice

Splash of Lime juice

1 Cherry


Add all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a cherry.


Top Anti-Valentine’s Day Cocktail: Shot of Love Stinks

You love her, but she loves him, and he loves somebody else. It’s no wonder this thing they call love is going to make you cry. Cure those blues over the reds and pinks with a Shot of Love Stinks that’s better if served two by two and side by side. It packs a powerful punch with a lip smacking ending, perfect for those who don’t care for any Casanova thing. If you’ve been through diamonds and minks, wave one finger up high as you gulp down this broken heart cure.


1 oz. Grape vodka (We used Three-O Grape Vodka)

½ oz. Black raspberry liqueur

½ oz. Cranberry juice


Add all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake. Strain into a chilled shot glass.


Top Anti-Valentine’s Day Cocktail: Deep Chocolate

 Chocoholics, unite! Satisfy your cravings for the sweet stuff with a brownie-loving concoction that even Brazilian supermodels can’t resist. For Valentine’s Day, skip all those cheesy greeting cards and instead, go for a rich, thick dose of Deep Chocolate made with cachaca, vanilla cream liqueur, fluffy whipped cream, and plenty of chocolate, the cocktail’s signature ingredient. A rendezvous may last only one night, but one’s love for chocolate lasts forever.


1 ½ oz. Cachaca (We used Leblon Cachaca)

½ oz. Jago Cream Liqueur

½ oz. Navan

4 oz. Chocolate (You can use hot chocolate made with powder or syrup)

Whipped cream

Chocolate shavings


Mix all ingredients in a tall handled glass. Pour and thoroughly stir in the hot chocolate mixture. Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.


Top Anti-Valentine’s Day Cocktail: Adios Motherf-er

While Valentine’s Day is a day reserved for couples, others will be doing one scandalous deed: breaking up with their soon-to-be former flame. If you happen be such a heartbreaker, celebrate your newfound freedom with an Adios Motherf-er. The name is vulgar, but with good reason. Most bars won’t serve this Latin favorite twice to the same patron as the results could be lethal. You’ll quickly forget your troubles, but be warned, that hangover will soon make you realize that karma is a major B.


½ oz. Vodka

½ oz. Rum

½ oz. Tequila

½ oz.  Gin

½ oz. Blue Curacao liqueur

2 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix

2 oz. Lemon/Lime Soda

1 Maraschino cherry

1 Lemon slice


Pour all ingredients except soda in chilled glass filled with ice cubes. Top with soda and stir gently. Garnish with a maraschino cherry and lemon slice.