Cocktail of the Week: Michelada

Super Bowl weekend is only a few days away, which means that it’s time to take out the ice cold cervezas for everyone! But why not spice things up with a Mexican favorite, such as the Michelada? Known as a “Mexican Bloody Mary,” this sizzling beer cocktail, or “beertail,” easily fires up any Super Bowl night. You’ll already have plenty of salsa to accompany your nacho chips, so why not add some to your beer? It’ll save you time on preparing a creative drink that all your friends will appreciate, keeping your focus on the game. The Michelada has been popular in Mexico for decades and comes in numerous variations. Kevin “the food dude” Roberts, author of Munchies, offers his take on this Latin favorite. As a bonus, depending on the amount ingredients you add, the Michelada can be less than 100 calories. Touchdown!

Michelada Recipe

1 Tbsp. Lime juice
1 Dash of salt
2 Dashes of Cayenne pepper sauce (we used Frank’s RedHot)
2 Dashes of Worcestershire sauce (we used French’s)
1 Bottle of Mexican beer (we used Dos Equis)

Rub rim of beer glass with lime juice and dip in salt. Fill with ice and add more lime juice, cayenne pepper sauce, and Worcestershire sauce. Pour in Beer and stir.