Dear Dad: My Café Con Leche Will Never Be As Good As Yours

Click on the next page to learn how to make a great cup of café con leche:

An expresso machine or cafetera (I personally prefer a cafetera, but that could be because I saw it so much growing up that I thought it was my sister!). 

You'll also need milk and sugar and cafe bustelo

How to Prepare (I asked my dad to share his tips with readers).Here's what he said:

1). Make the espresso: When it comes to the amount of sugar you use, no two people are alike. I like it sweet, so he suggested I add 5 teaspoons of sugar to the cup (before) the espresso is added. After the first couple of drops of coffee fall on the sugar, stir the sugar and a few drops of coffee together. If you do this correctly, a foam will rise to the top when you finish adding the rest of the coffee.

2). Add the expresso to steamed milk. Some people will choose NOT to add sugar after combining the milk and expresso, because they are satisfied with the sugar already added to the espresso, but others like it really sweet. So add more sugar if you like...

3). You're done! Enjoy your delicious cafe con leche! 

What was your experience with cafe con leche growing up? Do you envy the way your parents make it? Dish in the comments!