Flanboyant Eats with Bren: A Tres Reyes Magos Menu Fit for a King!

All across Latin America the 12th day of Christmas (the epiphany) is celebrated by acknowledging Los Tres Reyes Mago, or the Three Kings. Not only does Three King's Day give us an excuse to get together with family and friends, we also tend to get some serious eating in.
Here are three easy dishes for a complete Three King’s Day dinner. Go ahead and eat it all! It’ll be another 11 months before we can guiltlessly indulge again.

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1. Tres Reyes: Black Beans

Black Beans in 30 Minutes

◦               1 can of your favorite brand of beans (unseasoned)
◦               1 can (you can use same as bean can) of water
◦               1 bay leaf
◦               2 tbsp. vinegar
◦               2 tsp. salt
◦               3 tbsp olive oil
◦               2 tbsp. sugar
◦               Sofrito
In medium size saucepan, heat beans on medium to high heat, adding water, bay leaf, salt and sugar. Cook for 15 minutes. Add sofrito to the beans after the beans have cooked for 15 minutes. Cook for 10 minutes on medium heat. Add olive oil, vinegar and stir well. Lower heat and let cook for 5-7 more minutes. Tip: If beans are too salty, drop a peeled onion into the mix!

2. Tres Reyes: Yucca

Yucca with Garlic Mojo

◦               1 1/2 lbs yucca root , halved & in chunks
◦               1 teaspoon salt
◦               6 garlic cloves, mashed
◦               1 teaspoon salt
◦               Juice from 1 lemon
◦               Juice from 1 lime
◦               1/2 cup olive oil  
◦               1 onion, finely chopped
Place yucca in saucepan and add water until yucca is just covered. Add salt and lime juice and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer until tender—about 30 minutes. Drain and keep warm. Mash garlic cloves into salt with mortar and pestle. You may use a food processor or garlic hand-press.  Add garlic, lemon and limejuice, and onions to olive oil in a separate pan. Sautee until garlic softens. Toss yucca into sauce and cook on medium heat until golden brown.

3. Tres Reyes: Picadillo


◦               1 lb ground beef
◦               1 medium Spanish onion, diced
◦               1/2 green pepper, diced
◦               4 garlic cloves, crushed and minced
◦               1 tsp. oregano
◦               1 tsp. cumin
◦               1/4 cup dry white cooking wine
◦               1 tsp. vinegar
◦               1/4 cup raisins
◦               1/4 cup Spanish olives stuffed with pimento
◦               8 oz. can tomato sauce
◦               2 tbsp. canola or vegetable oil
◦               1 tsp. salt (add more to taste)
◦               1 cup white potato, peeled and cubed (optional)
Combine beef, diced green pepper, onion, and garlic, tomato sauce, salt, and oil in large skillet. Use spatula to separate beef as it cooks. As beef browns, mix in oregano, cumin, cooking wine, and vinegar. Stir well. Cover and cook on medium heat for 20-25 minutes.  If beef appears dry while cooking, add wine or water. Add salt to desired taste.
Serve this menu with white rice and a green vegetable of your choice. ¡Feliz dia de los Reyes!

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