Introducing: The Male Selena Gomez, Adam Irigoyen

13-year-old Adam Irigoyen is one of the stars of the Disney Channel series, Shake It Up. The Miami, Florida native and proud Cubano, spoke to about his role on the hit show, goofing off on set with fellow Latina Bella Thorne, and why he wants to become the male version of Selena Gomez!

Tell us about your character on Shake It Up.

Deuce is very persistent and very street smart, but he's also a very good friend. That’s what I like most about playing him - he'll open up his jacket and there are tickets there and headphones and watches, but at the end of the day, no matter what CeCe (Bella Thorne) and Rocky (Zendaya Coleman) want - he'll help them out. 

What’s coming up for your character on the show?

I meet my girlfriend’s mother. It’s funny because the episode where I meet my girlfriend’s mom, I try to impress her, so I go to Ty {Roshon Fegan} because my character is very insecure when it comes to dancing and he doesn't think he can dance. So I go to Roshon for advice and we end up dancing the tango together - Roshon and I. We do this whole tango number and I also do it with my girlfriend’s mother to try to impress her, so it’s really funny. I can dance in real life. 

Does that mean we'll be seeing you in a musical in the future?

Hopefully.  That would be pretty awesome. High school Musical was such a big thing.  To do a movie like that, yeah for sure!

Do you and Bella play pranks on each other on set? 

We goof around a lot! There was this one time that Bella played a prank on me and I was shocked! Bella's the type of girl that likes to play around, so she was holding her hot chocolate and I bumped into her by mistake. I was like 'Oh, I'm sorry!' She started cleaning it up and I was like, 'Bella, do you want me to help you?' She was like, "No, I don't want you to help me," and she started fake crying. I thought she was really crying! She ran up to her room and I ran after and in the room, I hear her laughing hysterically. I was like, 'Oh, she got me! Man!' 

Disney has always embraced Latino stars - from Christina Aguilera to Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.  Do you feel that there’s a lot of diversity on the network?

Yeah, I think that’s great.  Recently, I don’t think that there’s been a boy that has been Latino and has been able to speak Spanish. But there have been a lot of girls.  I feel like it’s great for me to be one of the only {boys}. I’m not the only boy that they’ve ever had that’s been Latino, but I'm one of a handful of people that has been able to represent the Latino market and been able to travel.  Disney sent me out to Argentina to do a Disney show over there and I did it all in Spanish and it was great.  It’s going to be shown in all Latin America.  I felt honored to have the opportunity to be a part of that.

What’s your favorite Latin dish?

My mom’s Cuban so everything she cooks! {Laughs}. No, but definitely arroz con bistec. Yeah...oh yeah!

Do you look up to any Disney stars?

Definitely Selena Gomez.  Reason being, she started out on Wizards and everybody loves her now.  She’s one of the biggest stars on the Disney Channel – and she sings in Spanish. She’s great!

Do you want to branch out into music?

I definitely want to do what Selena did – just the boy version. I want to sing in Spanish. When I started realizing that I wanted to sing, at that time Selena didn’t sing. So I was like, ‘You know, I can be the first person on Disney Channel to actually sing in Spanish’.  And then Selena came out.  Well now I’ll still be the first boy! That would be great. And then maybe later on down the line Selena and I can do a song together in Spanish.  I mean, who knows?  That kind of idea is what I’m going for.