It's Brunette Season: Celebrity Hairstylist Adrian Perez Talks Cold Brew Trend

Photo Courtesy of Adrian Perez via IG @Adrian.Stylist.MUA

They say blondes have more fun, but with the hottest hair trend known as #ColdBrew, it's brunettes that are having a ball!

Celebrity hairstylist Adrian Perez spoke to about how darker hair beauties can finally embrace the richness of their locks this winter.

Tell us all about the Cold Brew trend and who needs to get it right now!

Cold Brew is the latest color technique colorist are being asked to do in droves! It's designed to enhance a person's best features by illuminating and contrasting. Warm and cool browns are being used to provide depth (contour) and I'm really loving it.

Who should jump on board with this new trend?

Anyone who loves been natural with a little edge. It’s easy to maintain and there's no need to visit the salon as often, especially if you're is a girl on a budget. 

Summer is all about blondes, why does fall/winter work best for brunettes? 

In the winter and fall, women lose their tans so their skintone is more pale--- plus the skin is more unsettled. It's a great time to give your hair a break and embrace darker shades in your hair. Plus, with all the dark, colorful leaves falling from the trees, nature lends itself to inspire hair trends. 

Rich colors and tones--- browns, reds, violet, and blue based--- are highly suggested and recommended during this time of year.

I love keeping my clients brunettes during the winter because their skin and hair will look its best.

If anyone wants to take a dive into Cold Brew, what should they ask their hairdresser for?

I always have my clients best interest in mind, so I suggest colors based on their individual needs. Bring examples of styles and colors you like, so they can get an idea of what you are looking for. 

But in the end, it's important to give your hairdresser creative freedom to adjust and recommend because every person is different. 

The Cold Brew trend is not only for brunettes, blondes and red heads can also partake. The technique is designed for people who desire adding some light or darkness.

The cold brew look is so pretty, do we really have to give it up when winter is over?

The good news is: cold brew can be done all year around. It’s perfect for brunettes to keep their beautiful dimensions. 

The winter is notorious for drying out hair and skin. What can you recommend we use/do to keep our hair supple all season long?

Yes! Here are my professional suggestions:

-Switch your shampoo and conditioner to a hydration or repair formula

-Use a hair mask once a week for 15 minutes

-Shampoo only two to three times a week, no more than that

-Used a leave-in conditioner spray twice a week  

-For those with really dry scalp and hair, use a dry oil--- not coconut or olive--- from the mid shaft to the ends of the hair.  Dry oil is special, it has a smaller molecules that penetrate into your hair