Juanes Brings 'La Plata' To Jimmy Kimmel Live

Photo Courtesy of Rosy Cordero

Juanes flew solo to perform "La Plata" on Jimmy Kimmel Live on January 18, without song collaborator Lalo Ebratt.

The Colombian superstar released the fun vallenato on January 11th, about a guy who spends all his money on a woman who no longer wants him. 

“I’m a big fan of Lalo and what he’s doing with Trapical Minds, even though I’ve only just discovered him fairly recently--- probably just about a year ago," Juanes told Forbes. "We finally had the chance to meet when I was in Bogota last year and we discussed how we could work together one day.

So when I was in LA working with Andres Torres and Mauricio Rengifo, there was a point that we realized we needed a fresh voice that would bring something different and youthful to the track. We agreed that Lalo had everything we were looking for and more.

I’m so happy with how the song turned out and Lalo’s contribution was incredible. He had me cracking up constantly and he contributed a lot of fresh ideas.”

He added about the video shot in Medellin, “We did the video with 36 Grados, they’re a Medellin-based production company with whom I’ve worked with in the past on my video for ‘Pa Dentro.’ We wanted to include traditional elements from my country in the music video like our party buses known as La Chiva, El Corazon de Jesus, and other very Colombian things that people will notice.

The video tells a much funnier story than what the song is about which is a guy who loses all of his money partying and trying to win over a woman. It was a lot of fun to work on it with everyone involved.”

Check out his performance in full, below: