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Americans Trying to Dance Bachata for the First Time is the Best Thing You'll See All Day
Non-Latinos Trying to Dance Bachata for the First Time is the Best Thing Ever

Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic, and this sensual dance that is pretty much taught to children before they can even walk.

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5 Things That Can Cause Irregular Periods

You haven't gotten your period in a while, and no, you're not pregnant.
What's up? 
Here's a few reasons you may be experience abnormal flow: 

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Ay Mama! What All Couples Fight About | Video
Ay Mama! What Couples Around The World Fight About

Latinas get a really bad rap for being feisty firecrackers that love to fight with their hombres just because. He didn’t pick up the phone after you called? Bofetada! You didn’t like the way he looked at the waitress? Un pellizco! And if your man really pisses you off, he may just get a chancletazo.

PLUS: 7 Signs You May Be Dating a Controlling Man

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Hope Wins: My Thoughts On The SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
Hope Wins: One Latina's Thoughts On the SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Earlier this summer, the Supreme Court of the United States made history when they legalized gay marriage. I was at home when I heard the news. Sitting on my couch, watching the coverage on social media and news outlets, I found myself overwhelmed with emotion. I was flooded with joy, satisfaction and gratitude.

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