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Jessica Alba Spooks us All With Beauty Mask
Jessica Alba Spooks Fans On Instagram With A Creepy Beauty Mask

Jessica Alba had us all wondering if Halloween came early this year after posting one seriously spooky selfie.

The star captioned her freaky photo, "Emergency session w @shanidarden before work today." The bizarre face mask is one of the many anti-aging masks popular right now.

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GIna Rodrigues Teases Wedding on Upcoming Season of 'Jane the Virgin'
Spoiler! Gina Rodriguez Says Jane Will Get Married In Season 2 Of "Jane The Virgin"

Gina Rodriguez left us hanging by a thread at the end of the first season of Jane the VirginLuckily, she's giving us some hints about what to expect from the season premiere this fall. 

MORE: Gina Rodriguez Reveals She's Excited to Explore Motherhood

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Enrique Iglesias, J Balvin, and Nicky Jam Set to Headline the Latin American Music Awards
Enrique Iglesias, J Balvin & Nicky Jam Set to Headline Latin American Music Awards

The upcoming Latin American Music Awards will feature some of the hottest names on the Latin music scene.

MORE: J Balvin Speaks Up Against the Venezuela-Colombia Border Crisis

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Sofia Vergara Takes Inspiration From Colombian Roots for New Fragrance
Sofia Vergara Created a Whole New Perfume For Her Wedding Day

Sofia Vergara knows just how to impress her future husband and wedding guests — create a whole new perfume in honor of the occasion, of course!

MORE: Sofia Vergara Teases with Wedding Dress

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Immigrant Teens Less Violence Crime Drugs
Take That, Trump: Immigrant Teens Less Likely To Commit Crimes, Do Drugs

So, Donald Trump, here's more proof that not all immigrants are criminals, rapists and drug dealers.

Researchers from the University of Texas found that immigrant adolescents are actually less likely than native-born peers in the United States to commit crimes, use drugs or behave violently, NBC News reports.

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Labor Day Barbecue Side Dishes
These Latin-Inspired Side Dishes Will Spice Up Your Labor Day BBQ

Summer is on the wane, but before we say goodbye to days in the park, afternoons by the beach, and humid nights under a full moon, there's still time for one more backyard barbecue.

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Texas Abortion Provider Pens Op-Ed on a Consent Form, Goes Viral
Texas Abortion Provider Pens Op-Ed on a Consent Form, Goes Viral

Texas doctor wrote an op-ed about the Texas legislature’s overreaching women's reproductive legislation on an abortion consent form. The document went viral last week after it was posted on reddit with the title, "I terminated a pregnancy for medical reasons last week. This was one of the consent forms I had to sign."

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Selena Gomez Joins The Cast Of 'Neighbors 2'
Selena Gomez Joins Cast Of 'Neighbors 2'

Imagine Selena Gomez being your neighbor.

MORE: Justin Bieber Name-Drops Selena Gomez In New Music Video 'What Do You Mean?'

Fans don’t have to picture it much longer as the Latina beauty has joined the cast of “Neighbors 2,” Variety reports.

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Jennifer Lopez Teases Fans On Instagram About Upcoming Surprise
Jennifer Lopez Teases Fans On Instagram About Upcoming Surprise

Jennifer Lopez is such a tease.

MORE: Jennifer Lopez On Her Kids: "I Don't Think They'll Be Performers"

The Boricua bombshell took to Instagram Thursday to hint of something big coming to her devotees.

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