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TK Celebrities Wearing Waist Trainers
7 Celebrities Wearing Waist Trainers

Have you jumped on the waist training fad yet? The ever-popular corset trend has taken off for its fast, somewhat effective results. Check out which celebs have been known to rock the best waist trainers, and boast the best results:

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Where'd She Get That? 64 Fashion Finds From Your Fave Celebs
Where'd She Get That? 65 Fashion Finds From Your Fave Celebs

We can all admit to star stalking every once in a while — espcially to see what our favorite A-listers are wearing when it comes to hot trends, labels, and accessories... Here's a breakdown of the chic items they're loving at the moment.

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9 Easy, Healthy Breakfasts To Power Your Day
9 Easy Healthy Breakfasts To Power Your Black Friday Shopping

We can't stress the importance of breakfast enough — especially on a day like Black Friday, when you'll need the energy to power through the flocks of people battling for the best deal. The Latin Kitchen compiled some of the tastiest, easiest breakfasts ever, so you can have the energy you need to get through the holidays: 

See the recipes on The Latin Kitchen >>>

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Camila Cabello Reveals Who Inspired "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
Camila Cabello Reveals Who Inspired "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

Camila Cabello recently released a new single with rumored boyfriend Shawn Mendes, but now she's speaking out on where her inspiration for the song came from.

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TK Things to Know About the Latina Feminist Mirabal Sisters
10 Things to Know About the Mirabal Sisters

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, an annual awareness date formed to commemorate the Mirabal sisters.

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Texas DPS Troopers Misreported Latino Traffic Offenders As White For Years
Texas Misreports Latino Traffic Offenders as White, Impacting Racial Profiling Record

In response to a study that found many Texas Department of Public Safety troopers incorrectly reported thousands of Hispanic drivers and others of color as white on traffic citations, the agency has instructed troopers to begin asking people their race or ethnicity during traffic stops. The agency issued the memo to its troopers last week after an Austin TV news station reported the findings earlier this month and state legislators demanded answers.

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