Contiki Gives You a Quick, Easy Way You Can Help Save Endangered Sea Turtles

Contiki Gives You a Quick, Easy Way You Can Help Save Endangered Sea Turtles

Contiki, a travel company that specializes in group travel for the 18-35 set, recently partnered up with Celine Cousteau, the renowned explorer and documentarian and a group of storytellers from all over the world to tell a conservation story that is very near and dear to my heart. It's no news that sea turtles are an endangered species and there is a ton of conservation work that needs to be done in order to protect them along with their habitat.

Contiki not only created the video below to raise awareness surrounding the threats towards these magnificent creatures and our oceans, but they're also willing to sponsor a turtle if the video hits 250,000 views. Sponsoring allows researchers to satellite tag a Sea Turtle, track its movements and breeding habbits, and according to Contiki, "Every sponsorship dollar goes a long way in helping the coveted Sea Turtle Conservancy protect, understand & educate on Sea Turtles."

I personally visited a sea turtle conservancy in the Gandoca-Manzanillo region of Costa Rica a few years ago and it was a life-changing experience. Aiding sea turtles to lay their eggs is an experience all in its own - as you'll witness through the eyes of the Contiki storytellers in this video - but being in Costa Rica, seeing the insane diversity of our planet, and falling in love with the Pura Vida way of life has become a daily reminder that I too need to step up and do my part. And in this case, it's as easy as clicking play to help Contiki reach their goal so another turtle can be sponsored. 

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