Latina's Readers: What We Loved Most About Jenni Rivera

Since the horrific news of Jenni Rivera's death today broke, readers have been pouring their heartfelt condolences on the web. According to Univision, a plane carrying the regional Mexican singer and six others (including two pilots and crew members) in Mexico first went missing while flying from Monterrey to Toluca. It remains unclear what the cause of the crash was, but reports do say that the pilot lost contact with air traffic controllers a few minutes before departure.

On our Facebook page, we asked Latina readers what they loved most about the late Rivera, who was revered as the Queen of Banda music. More than 100 of you responded – it was truly beautiful to read the wonderful comments people left about the beloved (and sometimes controversial) singer.

Read on to read some of your thoughts:

Cynthia Diaz-Torres: “She kept it real!!! She rose from the ashes of what life puts you through!!”

Mayra Jasmine: “That she makes heartbreak sound so sexy. I love(d) her music. Got me through some difficult times.”

Gabriella De La Cerda: “Her no-bullshit attitude and her generous heart.”

Viviana Huerta-Rodriguez: “She was so raw in her music. Straight and strong. Bless her heart, her family and the others who passed with her. She lived life and has left an incredible legacy. RIP Jenni Rivera. Que en paz descance (May she rest in peace).

Cynthia Medina: “She never made excuses for her life. She shared her life. She had mad curves and she loved them!”

Angela Ruiz: “Her craziness and upfront personality.”

Carolina Ramos: “Very down to earth and didn't bite her tongue! She spoke her mind no matter what. I also love her music very talented beautiful mujer.”

Rayos Ruiz: “Her strong spirit… she conquered an industry that was dominated by men. She never gave up when things brought her down she always got back up and now she’s up in heaven.”

Legally Latin: “I never became of fan of hers thru her music. Didn't know much about her until I watched her "I Love Jenni" show. I fell in love with her and her family! She rocked! Prayers to her children.... sigh.”

Brenda Hendrickson: "EVERYTHING."