Arizona Counter-Sues Over SB 1070, Seeks Help From Government for "Invasion"

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced yesterday that the state of Arizona was going to sue the federal government for failing to protect the border. The move is likely a response to the Department of Justice's challenge to Arizona's SB 1070 legislation, which would have given local law enforcement the authority to enforce immigration laws.

Brewer and Attorney General Tom Horne held a news conference to announce their fight  after years years of complaining that the federal government hasn't done enough to help the state or enforce the laws in the nation's most bustling point of entry for undocumented immigrants. In Horne's summary of the case, he claims that the federal government has failed at defending Arizona from an illegal immigrant "invasion." He even goes so far as to connect illegal immigrants with the 9/11 tragedy, citing "the national security aspect of the [immigration] problem which has become evident since 9/11" as a reason the federal government should get involved.

 They are seeking support from the Obama administration after SB 1070 was successfully shut down by the justice department just a day before it was to go into effect. The bill is stalled in court right now, with a federal judge deeming most of the law unconstitutional and ruling against key elements of the law.