DAY 1: Organization


The holidays can be the most incredible and heart-warming time of year and also the most stressful. The only way to stay sane and keep it together: get organized!

Here’s how…

✓  Clean house. Literally. A cluttered environment will only overwhelm you. Designate a spot for everything.

✓  Devise a strategy. Invest in a dry erase board, an oversized desk or wall calendar or a large pad. Keep updated and manageable Daily To Do lists.

✓  Play with blocks. Schedule every task, big or small, into your smartphone calendar. Once you block out the time, you won’t be able to double-book or procrastinate, plus you’ll get reminder alerts.

✓  Lighten your load. Don’t bear the full burden. Assign jobs to family members and/or roommates.

✓  Be firm. Set deadlines and stick to them. Pick a date to have lights and decorations done, holiday cards mailed and shopping completed.

✓  Multi-task. Skip cocktails with the girls, for example, and instead host a wrapping party where everyone brings wrapping paper, ribbons and bows to share.

It may seem like more work, but you’ll be amazed how once you implement a system you can efficiently power through every task. Without the migraine meds!

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