The Good Life with Crafty Chica: 8 Ways to Empower Yourself During Lent

Lent is a time to make a sacrifice and give up something we love for forty days. Within less than a month to go, it’s usually around now that we begin to yearn for that beloved item. Are you missing soda, social media, or… gulp — chocolate? How about we change the energy? Here are eight ideas to fill that space with activities that will empower you!

1. 1. Take a Hike

There is nothing better than Mother Nature to help us see the big picture, and realize that life is so much more than material objects. Use the time to put that bod to work, clear your head, and inhale the beauty. Climb up on a rock and look at the world around you — it’s yours to enjoy! Need inspiration? Check out this insightful article by Carol Cain from GirlGoneTravel.

2. 2. Freshen Up Your Living Space

Spring is here, and now is a great time to let the spirit of sunshine flow through your home. Tie back your hair with a cute bandana, crank up the tunes and go at it! Purge, clean, sort, decorate to feel fresh, light, and invigorated! Check out these five awesome tips from Target’s A Bull’s Eye View blog!

3. 3. Have a Fish Fry Fiesta!

Fish on Fridays during Lent season doesn’t have to be boring. Liven it up by inviting family and friends over for a potluck style fiesta. Set up grilling and fry areas so everyone can create and share different recipes. Use a large chalkboard to draw a cute menu for your guests to see the list. You can even create cute place cards to go by each dish — “Tia Linda’s Lemon-infused Salmon.” Try this yummy recipe from The Latin Kitchen to get you started!

4. 4. Friendship Time: Give your BFF a Makeover!

Nude lips vs. red lips? False lashes vs. au natural? Every chica has her comfort zone. Well, it’s time to shake things up. Grab your BFF and spend quality time and give each other extreme makeovers. If she is into the heavy eye, nude lip, give her the opposite. Use the time to catch up, spill your guts, giggle and create new memories. Then go out for cocktails or coffee! By the way, if you need help convincing her of the power of red lipstick, Monique from Curves and Chaos makes a pretty good case!

5. 5. Visit Family

These forty days are about moving the spotlight off of our personal needs and onto a bigger purpose. It’s a time to share love, wisdom and all-around goodness. That starts with familia. Rather than wait for the usual birthday or holiday gatherings, choose a day to make unexpected visits to your mom and dad, nanas and tatas, or even your little cousins who adore you. I guarantee, your presence will put a smile on their faces. Denise Cortes of did just that and documented the memory here. 

6. 6. Practice Random Acts of Kindness!

Kindness is the best and most universal way to give back to the world. Be the example of what you want to see and how you want people to be treated. Let go of indifference and judgement and give the benefit of the doubt. From paying it forward to offering a smile to a stranger, the options are limitless, and it feels oh-so-good inside! If you want more inspiration, check out

7. 7. Read a Really Good Book

Switch your smartphone to silent, turn off the TV, fire up a cup of tea, and find a comfy spot in your casa to read a good book. Allow your imagination to draw the portraits and settings within the tale. Don’t know where to start? Target has a book club with picks to help - and this month’s selection happens to be the emotional and inspiring page turner, The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez, which is now available in paperback.

8. 8. Make Something

Learn a new art skill or craft. Not only will it teach patience and technique, but you’ll also unleash your creativity to make one-of-a-kind pieces. You can wear these and show them off, or give them out as gifts. Check out my metal stamping tutorial to learn how to make Spanish-language charms for jewelry!

Kathy Cano-Murillo AKA Crafty Chica is an author and artist. See more of her work at