The Good Life With Crafty Chica: Pool Party 101

Dipped your toe in the pool lately? Feels pretty nice, right? June is here, which means summer pool party season has arrived! From bathing suits to boom boxes to the ultimate pool floatie, here are 10 ideas that will work swimmingly well:

1. Mega Backyard Water Slide

Whether you have a pool or not, this Banzai Sidewinder Falls Water Park Slide (Target, $399) will crown you queen of la fiesta de aqua! It’s big, it’s grand and it’s for all ages.

2. Sunscreen...and More Sunscreen

Show your love for your guests and set out a basket sunscreen options. Encourage everyone to slather it on to protect their skin from harmful rays. I am currently a big fan of The Honest Co Sunscreen SPF 30 by Jessica Alba. You can find it at Target stores or for $13.95.

3. DIY Gold-Trimmed Sunnies

What happens when you love the shape of one pair of sunglasses, but love the Aztec pattern on another? Answer: Grab a 24 karat gold leaf pen (sold at the craft store) and make your own. You can also use colorful paint pens if you want a brighter look. Here's how to do it!

4. Spicy Watermelon Fresca

Let’s talk cocktails: Poolside chic is what these tasty Spicy Watermelon Frescas are all about. They’re a cinch to concoct, and the hint of jalapeno will give your guests a kick in the tastebuds! See this recipe and more at The Latin Kitchen!

5. Retro Swimsuits

What would Marilyn Monroe wear? Girly glam throwback style is everywhere this season, and Modcloth has dozens of cute swimsuits for the win. From high-waisted two-pieces to '40s pin-up girl one pieces, there’s something for every chica. See more here!


6. Giant Donut Pool Floatie

A pool party is not complete without quirky floaties like this fancy donut ($24, Urban Outfitters)! If you want more, how about a giant pizza slice, a pretzel, an ice cream bar or hot dog?

7. DIY Floating Beverage Holder

Everyone is in the pool and the drink cooler is over there. Like, wayyy over there. How can you solve this (first world) problem? Make your very own floating drink holder! Use foam shapes, rings, craft paint, white craft glue, and ribbon. Here’s a tutorial to help you out!


8. Outdoor Movie Projector

If you need to chill down the vibe, a backyard movie is the way. Invest in this outdoor movie projector ($309.99, and use a wall or set up a screen. Create your own double feature Movie by Moonlight party!

9. Embellished Sandals

I’m all for gluing crystals on sandals, but not when I can buy a pair that is affordable and loaded with sparkle of every degree. These Women's Mountain Sole® Brooke Embellished Footbed Sandals ($44.99, Target) will fill your every sequined need!

10. ECOXGEAR Rugged and Waterproof Stereo Boombox

Crank up the tunes! If you don’t have an outdoor sound system, set yourself up with this waterproof (not just water resistant!) boombox ($149.99, It has a protective covering not only for your smartphone or music player, but also for your credit cards and ID.