The Good Life With Crafty Chica: 15 Unique Ways to Celebrate Easter

Simply because Easter colors are pastel, doesn’t mean the celebration has to be. From clothing to edibles to decorations (you’re bound to find some inspiration!), here are 15 unique ideas to add some punch to your party:

1. 1. Frosted Sugar Skull Eggs

Ready to have your mind blown? Check out what the folks from did — they created these brilliant sugar skull-inspired diorama eggs. Check out the tutorial, because I know you want to make them as much as I do!

2. 2. Easter Photo Backdrop

Turn your Easter gathering into a party to remember. Use pastel party streamers to create a cheery selfie station. You can even add in props such as Easter crowns and more! McKenna Pendergrass shows us how to do it all with ease!

3. 3. Easter Nail Art

Easter Nail Art: Hello, nail art! Take advantage of the opportunity to create some chic nails to fit with the decor. Your hands will be the talk of the party! Here is one of my favorite designs from

4. 4. Easter Egg Decorating Party

Easter Egg Decorating Party: Easter isn’t Easter without a crazy, over-the-top egg decorating party. Rather than go for ordinary colored eggs, has more than 66 ideas for making artful eggs! 

5. 5. Ginormous Floppy Hat

Ginormous Floppy Hat: Speaking of wearables, every chica needs a floppy hat for the day. Not only does it add a dash of glamor but it also wards off the Spring sun from burning your skin. Check out Target’s array of offerings, including this black and white classic.

6. 6. Reese’s Easter Cups Basket Treats

Reese’s Easter Cups Basket Treats: If you’re still looking for easy and adorable table accents, here is a smart one from Use Reese’s cups to create little chocolate baskets. The down side is that they won’t last long because people will gobble them up.

7. 7. Easter Dress

Easter Dress: It’s never too late to shop for the perfect Easter dress. Keep it bright and happy to match the mood and season. This flirty frock is light, breezy and has a slick open cut back.

8. 8. Paper Mache Easter Baskets

Paper Mache Easter Baskets: Here’s a craft project to keep the kids busy the night before as you prepare the food: have them use a balloon and tissue paper to make these beautiful baskets! iLoveToCreate has an easy-to-follow tutorial!

9. 9. Big Girl’s Easter Basket — a purse!

Big Girl’s Easter Basket — a purse! Easter doesn’t have to be all about the kiddos. How about picking up a basket that fits your style and will still be relevant long after the holiday has passed. I love this sequined crossbody handbag from Target!

10. 10. No-guilt Steamed Fish

No-guilt Steamed Fish: With all those Easter sweets floating around, here’s two ways to serve up a healthy entree - steamed fish. It’s as easy as wrapping a fish in foil and cooking on the stove, or celebrating the Mayan tradition and cooking it on the grill, wrapped in banana leaves!

11. 11. Statement jewelry

Statement jewelry: Once your nails, dress and purse are on-point, you’ll need to add some jewelry. This Navajo-inspired cuff is gorgeous and works for day or evening.

12. 12. Easter Printables

Easter Printables: In need of some last minute decorations? Melissa Esplin comes to the rescue with this free Easter printable that you can use for a variety of ways.

13. 13. Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs: You can’t have an Easter egg hunt without some golden eggs! They are much easier to make than they look, has a method to make it fast and easy with shiny results!

14. 14. How to Make a Flower Crown

How to  Make a  Flower Crown: Feeling boho this week? Pick up some silk flowers and an elastic headband from the dollar store and create a lovely flower crown. This can also be a craft table activity at your family gathering for little girls. MayaInTheMoment has an easy method!

15. 15. Easter Kit Kat Cake

Easter Kit Kat Cake: Talk about a statement dessert! Todd’s Kitchen offers a fool-proof recipe for constructing the mother lode of all Easter confections - the Kit Kat Cake!