DIY for Kids: 4 Fun Easter Crafts for Little Helpers

Easter and Spring Break mean different things to different people: spring break for college students means shenanigans; spring break for teachers means a much-need vacation; and spring break for nine to fivers means a day or two off in advance of Easter.

For moms, spring break has an entirely different meaning; namely, desperately searching for ways to keep kids busy for the week they have off of school, because while their phones and electronics may keep them quiet, they won’t inspire them or get them excited to spend time with the family.

Enter 4 creative, budget-friendly, and Latina-approved DIY projects for kids that don’t take hours to plan and are guaranteed to keep little helpers happy.

First up, dress up.

Before starting your kids’ DIY project, whether baking cookies or dying Easter eggs, give each of your little crafters an apron with a colorful pattern or animal on it. It will get them in the spirit of DIY and will safe you lots of time cleaning up after DIY. Trust us on this one.

Bake, baby, bake!

Buy a pre-packaged baking kit includes all the grown-up baking accessories you love – think rolling pin, pastry brushes, whisk, and cupcake wrappers — in kid-friendly sizes. On sale at craft and toy stores, these colorful kits with silicone products allow kids to “bake” Easter desserts, from cakes to pies, alongside mom without worry of making a mess or burning little hands.

Stick it to ‘em!

If baking together is too messy for your taste, try a modified “I made this” with cupcake toppers. After you’ve baked your goodies – or bought them, no judgment — give the kids sprinkles and icing-filled piping bags and paper flowers on toothpicks and let them go to town with the decorating. When you’re done, place the edible works of art on a tiered cake stand and serve with a pre-Easter brunch. The kids will feel a part of your Easter preparation and you will have an adorable centerpiece that your guests will love.

Paint your huevos a new way!

Dying Easter eggs and making cascarones are beloved holiday traditions. Take you eggs to the next level by using nail polish to create an artsy, “swirl” egg that looks like it took you hours to make (but doesn’t).

Start with a small cup of water and a few hard-boiled eggs.

  • Grab your half-used and soon-to-expire nail polishes — pastel colors work best for Easter — and drop a few beads of each into the glass of water.
  • Gently dip your egg in the water so that one side off the egg picks up the nail polish colors.
  • Remove the egg from the water, turn it over, and dip the unpainted side back in the water.

The result is a museum-worthy Easter egg that cost next to nothing to make and brought you and the kids together around the crafting table.

Happy Easter!