13 Mexican-Inspired Details For Your Wedding

You're getting married, and you're preparing to throw a party your friends and family will never forget. If you're planning a Mexican wedding, you already know you can't skimp on certain items: the mariachis, the comida, and the tequila. But what about the decorations? We've collected 13 affordable, unforgettable decorative details for your Mexican-inspired boda

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1. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 1

These papel picado table numbers come in a variety of colors, so they'll be sure to match the theme of your big day.

Papel Picado Table Numbers, $47.87 for 12, Etsy.com

2. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 2

These save the date cards — inspired by the designs of Mexican pottery — will give your friends and family a gorgeous sneak peek at your wedding.

Talavera Save The Date Cards, $30+, Etsy.com

3. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 3

Because Frida Kahlo rocked flower crowns long before Brooklyn hipsters made them popular.

Frida Kahlo Flower Crown, $68, Etsy.com

4. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 4

To quote Princess Bride: "Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while."

Bride & Groom Calavera Cake Topper, $75, Etsy.com

5. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 5

Be sure to pair these party favors with a mini bottle of tequila — salud!

Mini Loteria Party Shot Glasses, $8, Etsy.com

6. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 6

You'll get more RSVPs than you can handle after you mail these vibrant, otomo-inspired invites.

Otomo Wedding Invitation Suite, $95, Etsy.com

7. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 7

Traditional pirinola toys make for a cute party favor. Plus, Toma Todo can easily be upgraded into a drinking game for adults.

Pirinola Toys, $8, Etsy.com

8. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 8

These champagne flutes will always be a reminder of your special day and first drink as a married couple.

Day of the Dead Champagne Flute Set, $235, Etsy.com

9. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 9

This beautiful wooden box is a quirky, unforgettable alternative to a traditional guest book. Ask your guests to share their well wishes on these papel picado-inspired notecards, available in a variety of colors.

Papel Picado-inspired Guest Book, $99 for the box and 100 cards, Etsy.com

10. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 10

Don't forget to send 'Thank You' cards to your every tia and primo, or you'll never hear the end of it.

Loteria Wedding Thank You Cards, $1.75, Etsy.com

11. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 12

These magnets are a simple, beautiful takeaway for guests.

Papel Picado Wedding Favor Magnets, $180 for 50, Etsy.com

12. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 13

Light the path to your altar with these custom luminarias. Pro tip: use LED bulbs to prevent a wedding disaster!

White Luminaria Bags with Heart Design, $5.99 for 10, Etsy.com

13. Mexican Wedding Accessories: 14

...can you seriously throw a Mexican party without a piñata (or three?) Just be sure to fill them with everyone's favorite Mexican goodies.

Piñata Decorations, $36.26 for 6, Etsy.com