United States Veteran Wears a Corset for 23 Hours to Maintain Her Curves

A former US Navy Veteran has revealed that she wears a corset for 23 hours a day in order to maintain an 18 inch waist. She says she lost her curves after giving birth to her twin sons, now four years old.

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Diana Ringo, 39, has over 45 corsets that cost nearly $2000 and she only takes them off to shower or work out. That's right, she doesn't even take it off while having sex with her husband, who she has "grab the cords [on the corset] to get a good grip of me." Brett Ringo, 33, was concerned for her health at first but now fully supports his wife. However, the Navy officer says that he doesn't want her to shrink her waist anymore. 

During her pregnancy, the California mom gained 77 pounds and her waist was around 27-29 inches. She told Barcroft TV, "...my fat does not distribute in a feminine way. It distributes as if I have a male body type and I don't like that shape."

Although the now-Navy chef loves her new form, not everyone has been so accepting. The curvaceous Latina receives stares and eye rolls for her tiny waist. She says, "Some parents think I am a bad example. But my job isn't take care of their children, my job is to take care of mine. Teachers, they just kinda roll their eyes and I roll mine back." She also says that some people compliment her and say that they would also like to waist-train. 

Even her family is torn on her decision to wear corsets. Some of her family thinks it's okay while other family members worry that she will die "maybe tomorrow."

Despite the long-term damage and health complications that corseting can potentially bring, Ringo hasn't had any health complications and stands by her figure-hugging corsets that have finally given her the curves and confidence she has always wanted. 

She insists that she can eat whatever she wants and even breath properly. "I just can't take tremendous full breaths while I'm wearing it and nobody lives their lives taking tremendous full breaths." 

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In the end, Ringo feels happy with her tiny waist and says that wearing corsets have given a huge boost to her confidence. "This is important to me because it makes me feel good," she says. "It makes me feel sexy and I mean if I feel good and I’m happy, I go with that.”