10 Ways to Reconnect With Your Family This Year

10 Family Friendly Activities to Reconnect With Your Family in the New Year

The new year brings resolutions to help improve oneself and the lives of those around you. It's the perfect time to plan positive, fun and healthy changes that they want to incorporate throughout the year together as a family. Looking for ways to reconnect with your children in the new year? The following are 10 activities to help families spend quality time together:

Camping Indoors Bring the excitement of camping home. Schedule an indoor "camp out" with sleeping bags, a tent, board games and s'mores. Want to see a family favorite movie together? Get a portable indoor movie screen – it will give you the experience of being at the movie theaters inside your home.  Camping inside is a fun and simple way to reconnect with your family and have a great time, plus, you’ll have indoor plumbing!

Play Games Open the world of imaginative play by using costumes, inventing characters, building forts and castles to make your own adventures. Utilize bedding sheets to create imaginative designs that become beautiful backdrops for any playtime setting. Introduce your children to some of your favorite childhood games, draw a picture on the sidewalk, build a city create a racetrack for cars, fly a toy helicopter or play together with an interactive toy to help bridge the bond between the generations of parent and child. 

DIY Project A DIY project can help bring a family together with hands-on experience of designing a space created by everyone in the family.  Your home’s walls are the one the easiest places to change and create a new look.  Discuss with your children what design ideas they would like to see. Change the color of one just one wall, add some colorful textured wall panels or change out your wall decor by framing your favorite book covers, photos of your favorite destinations, converting your best family photos to black/white, even hanging objects like your childhood violin, inherited dinner plates, applying wall decals, temporary wallpaper, and more.  Another option is to choose area rugs because they can add fun and functionality to your living space. Use several varying patterns and fabrics together and get a machine washable rug so you don’t have to worry about messes from kids’ arts and crafts or any spills.

Do a Family-Favorite Activity Create an at-home spa day to pamper your loved ones.  Use all-natural products to create an exfoliating treatment or relaxing bath.  Make a matching family bracelet that everyone in your family can wear. Read a favorite children’s book for story time and talk about what the book was about. Load up everyone in the car and go sightseeing in your city. (Parent Tip: Use an inflatable car booster seat so you don’t have to change car seats from one car to another and kids’ travel pillow so kids can nap in the car). Put on easy-to-wear workout clothing and go for a family bike ride. Take the family bowling and make it a fun time with matching “bowling shirts” and eat at the bowling alley. Head out to the movies and check out the latest family friendly film. Also, Petting Zoos and Pick Your Own Farms are great family outings that provide access to animals, fruits and vegetables.

Head to the Park Find a list of all the parks in your city and plan to visit as many as you can throughout the year. As part of the fun, pack a picnic (and try a leather bonded mat to help eliminate clean up afterwards). This way, your kids can still run around outside and be ready for a nap afterwards. Make sure children have comfortable walking and running shoes so they can play and explore in comfort.  If the weather is cooler, use kid-friendly weather appropriate outdoor gear to stay warm. Pack mobile toys, feeding sets, easy-to-use (and safe) tableware products, baby lounger and entertainment so your prepared for little ones to have a good time too. Check out the playgrounds or the trails, and then when home, place stickers on a map of your city identifying each parks and playgrounds you have visited.

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