LOL! The 5 Weirdest Things Only Latina Moms Do

To know your mami is to love her, but sometimes her odd kinks and quirks are just too much to handle! Here are five of the weirdest things only Latina moms do:

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1. Egg in a Shell

First and foremost, Latina moms seem to have some sort of egg obsession. They're often found "praying" with an egg over their children to make the evil spirits go away, or help them get better from an illness.

Hopefully, that huevo smell doesn't linger.

2. Broom

Have you ever walked into your friend's house to find her mom sweeping the ceiling? Probably not, but she's definitely walked in on this scene at your place.

3. Leaves

Fall may be your mom's favorite season. Aside from Vick's, her favorite injury remedy is leaves. Band-aids are for the weak! Hurt your finger, and she'll reach for a leaf to wrap it in.


4. Glass of Water

Nothing will rid your house of negative energy quite like a glass of water. It's no mistake – mami put that glass behind your front door on purpose!

5. Thunderstorms

Latina moms are basically weather women in disguise. When a thunderstorm is about to hit, you can find them covering all the mirrors in the house, or performing a balancing act with utensils.