Mami, My Way: Teaching the Importance of Please and Thank You

Being a mother is a selfless job, filled with unconditional love toward our children. Personally, at times, that love is so strong that it has superseded my responsibility of disciplining them and teaching them manners.

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Between being so busy and wanting to just “mother” my kiddies, I find myself doing things for them at the request of just a, “Mom, give me agua!” or “ I’m thirsty!”  And, just like that, there I go to get them what they need without a “please” or “thank you.”

I didn’t realize what a disservice I was doing to them until my hubby pointed it out. To me, it didn’t really make a difference because they were my babies and, as their mother, it was my pleasure to serve them. But to the outside world, it would be considered rude – and that’s what I had to realize.

From then on, both my husband and I have made sure to say please and thank you to one another and always remind them to do the same. Making this the norm in our home, even when things are a bit crazy, has paid off. They are now really polite kids. It is such a form of habit to them that my son, at three years old, will instinctively say “thank you” to his four-year-old sister for tossing him his stuffed animal that was on the other side of the bed. Every time it happens, I’m a proud mother.

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It may seem like an insignificant thing to some, but being polite and showing gratitude and appreciation can go a long way in life. And if there is anything I can do to make my children’s lives even just a little easier, I’m here to do it. It’s part of my job as a mami.