Mami Talks: 5 Tech Savvy Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10, and the question of what to get Mom (and other special mothers) always arises. As a blogger and technology review columnist, I’d like to share a few of the following tech related gift ideas for the special ladies in your life (And don't forget, no matter what you give your Mom, tell her how much you care and appreciate her for all she does every day!):

1. 1

Want to pamper your mother when it is convenient for her and without even leaving the home?  She can relax with a portable palm-sized robot called WheeMe™.  This little gadget travels over the body with four small wheels and a rotor finger to relax and calm the senses. WheeMe™ currently retails for $69.99 on

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If she loves to garden, VegiBee™ Garden Pollinators can help increase the yield at harvest time by up to 30%.  It creates a vibration like that of bee’s wings.  This vibration causes the plant to drop pollen.  Then you can manually collect and spread the pollen among your plants. VegiBee™ comes in a 5 speed rechargeable unit for $49.99 or express battery powered unit for $29.99.

3. 3

It’s precious to look back at photographs and treasure the memories. Mosaic allows you to create a beautiful photo book from your phone or tablet with their app in under five minutes. Mosaics are printed within 48 hours and arrive in 4 days. A 7” x 7” photo book with 20 images will set you back about $20. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

4. 4

To charge all of our gadgets nowadays, SuperFly Cables provide Android and iPhone compatible USB charging cables that have a bright and cheery two-tone braided fabric exterior and also contain a rubber inner layer for added durability. SuperFly Cables are available in 3.2’ and 6’ lengths. They start off at $17.95.

5. 5

If your gal enjoys time in the kitchen, maybe a Bluetooth kitchen thermometer will be the winning ticket. The Kitchen Thermometer Mini by iDevices sends an alert to your smart device when your food has reached the desired temperature and you can be up to 150 feet away! It also features a magnetic mount, LED lighting that changes color based on the doneness of your food, and works with the free iDevices Connected app. The Kitchen Thermometer Mini retails for $39.99.