These Pan Dulce Teething Rings Are As Good As The Real Thing


Is your baby extra fussy and constantly chewing on their fingers? Chances are they are teething. If you haven't experienced being around an extra-cranky teething baby, it isn't much fun. The good news is there are a lot of tricks to help ease the pain temporarily. 

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But instead of purchasing some random teething toy from Buy Buy Baby, give your child something to chew that's made with mucho amor. Behold the concha teething rings!


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The handmade teething ring includes a plush concha (comes in 6 different colors) with an attached wooden ring for your bebe's sore gums. Wooden rings have become a favorite among parents looking to reduce their baby's discomfort because of its safety. Teething ring made of rubber or PVC can contain phthalates or other toxic materials.


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If you're looking to gift these concha teething rings, make sure your order ahead of time since they are made to order. For just $12 dollar, these teethers are definitely a steal.