These Are The Must-Have Products For The New Mommy In Your Life

Although they do all the hard work, new moms often live in the shadow of their new bundles of joy. I know because it happened to me just months ago after giving birth to my baby girl. Want to help the new mama in your life feel good and show her your appreciation, but have no clue what to get her? Here are nine thoughtful gifts that she’ll love you for. 

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1. Apple Watch

Hey iPhone users – I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I need an Apple Watch when I already have an iPhone?” Well, when you’re knee-deep in baby poop after a diaper blowout and need to call in for backup, but your phone isn’t readily accessible, the watch’s calling/texting feature comes in handy. This may or may not be based on a true story. Okay fine, it happened to me! 

Apple Watch Series 3, from $329; 

2. Spa Package


She just spent the better half of the year being a factory and home to a tiny human being. Help her body feel hers again with a one-way ticket to massaging her aches and pains away at the spa. There is nothing that an amazing massage, nourishing facial, and fresh manicure can’t fix. 

Giftcard, from $25 to $500; 

3. Modern Locket

Yes, jewelry is a cliche gift, but any mom would appreciate being able to take her new bundle of joy around with her in a gorgeous locket. Not your abuela’s locket, but something sleek and stylish that works with everything from sweats to a nightgown. 

Minimalistic Locket, $260; 

4. Wellness Gem Water Bottle

Nursing mamas need to stay hydrated. What if she could do that AND drink herself to clarity, increased energy, and even higher self-confidence? VitaJuwel Gem Water Bottles have modernized the age-old tradition of using crystals to vitalize water. Different types of gems emit different energies, so this practice is associated with tons of positive wellness outcomes. Alongside that, they’re the most beautiful way to drink water, period. 

Wellness Gem Water Bottle, $78; 

5. Cozy Robe

She just had a baby. Chances are that she’s not going to want to wear actual clothes for a while. A cozy robe is a wonderful gift for the mama that wants to be comfortable, but still look pulled together for guests visiting her and the new addition to the family. Also, robes allow for easy boobie access for the bebe or breastpump! 

Pink Floral Delivery/Nursing Maternity Robe, $46; 

6. Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

What goes best with a cozy robe? A pair of soft slippers of course. Don’t get her just any old chanclas, give her the gift of indoor/outdoor slippers. Whether her feet are still swollen well into her postpartum time or not, she won’t feel guilty about stepping out in slippers if “outdoor” is in the name. 

Propet Scuff Slippers, $41.45; 

7. Waterproof E-Reader

New mamas need something other than Netflix to keep entertained while the baby is napping or nursing. (That’s if they’re not napping themselves.) A waterproof e-reader is the perfect gift for the mom that loves to snuggle up with a good book. Plus, it’s resistant to all kinds of liquids and bodily fluids! I know. Gross, but possible.  

Kobo Aura H20 Edition 2, $179.99; 

8. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Essential oils have tons of healing properties, and using a diffuser is one of the best ways to reap their many health benefits. Give the new mom in your life a beautiful aromatherapy diffuser that she can drop some soothing lavender, healing eucalyptus, or sweet sweet orange into. Doubling as a color-changing nightlight, the diffusers timing can be adjusted, from one hour to six hours of continuous, relaxing mist. 

Top 8 Essential Oils and Bluetooth Diffuser Set, $49.95; 

9. Bath Soaks

Use these therapeutic bath soaks to help nourish yourself for the days daddy will be on duty. From lavender-inspired to detox-infused these minerals promise to feel like the ultimate super mom afterward. For the Month of March, the Park Hyatt in New York in incorporating this holistic beauty method to their spa services. 

Goop Bath Soaks, $35, and if you're interested on the service check out Park Hyatt spa here.